All over the World Terrence Nichols Ministries ministers Hope, makes world
Disciples and multiply Healthy Churches by:.
  • Corporate Worship

• Meeting the Needs of People

• Building Significant Relations

• Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ



........E T S Institute


Equipping the Saints Institute is a structured
school of learning for all Christians from the
beginning of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord
and Saviour throughout your Spiritual Growth
into Christian Maturity.

1. ETS 101 - New Members
2. ETS 201 - Studying The Bible
3. ETS 301 - Prayer
4. ETS 401 - Elective



UFBN Network

Dr. Terrence Nichols: News Writer
and Author for the Alliance
Weekend in LA
It is Our Problem
Home Once More
It Started in a Tent
Bankrupt or Blessed
No Language But Love
Jesus Only Our Source of Healing


Youth Crusader / Advocate
  Dr. Terrence Nichols is one of the renown world leaders in leading and developing young people in Christ. He is requested by Pastors all over the world to come and teach, preach and train youth and youth workers how to expand the Kingdom of God on their level. read more.....  



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